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Follow the leader, leader, leader!Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the new General Secretary of the PPP: Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo. Based on what we have seen on the ground and heard from the field, it seems like Bharrat has taken over from Donald as the head of the party.When he was President, Bharrat had wrested control of the Government from Donald. There was a time when the Party stalwarts were questioning the direction of Bharrat as he divorced himself from the PPP in order to carry out his agenda. That was in the past.Today he has wrested control of the PPP from Donald and the Party stalwarts are again wondering what is slapping them so hard.The new leaders of the PPP are the used-up boys of the Jagdeo administration – one previous Regional Chairman and a host of other used persons. Is this a move toward a renewed push for another Jagdeo presidency? Will we hear new-term instead of third term?Whatever it is, his total lack of management and professional ethics cannot be good for that party. We will be looking on. The Party needs to think about the respect factor. Bullyism and cronyism will continue to erode the popular base of the PPP. And, we are not even addressing corruption here!Meanwhile, while the PNC has clearly supported David Granger as its leader, the lifespan of the APNU is shaky and will only last as long as there is this parliament. Granger has brought a new leadership style to the PNC and with it, a breath of fresh air that will do well for the PNC, provided Granger himself maintains his mantle of dignity and professionalism. Granger’s challenge is to stay relevant in the fast-paced angry-syndrome-type supporter and his danger is to fall into the sad fire-and-pestilence mode of Hoyte when frustration eventually gets to him.With Greenidge, Harmon and others in the periphery, the PNC/APNU will continue to play the political games with the PPP which will squeeze the PNC/APNU’s single ally in parliament,Cheap Jerseys Online, the AFC. But, while Granger will be negotiating and settling some matters with the PPP,Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys, he is closing the door on his own fate and that of a combined majority in parliament.As for the other two has-been Parties, we know that the WPA’s death was stark with its last rites read during the last election and the TUF’s last rites reached its nadir of history.The AFC, however, seems to be attracting new blood in the political battleground and now-and-again gains some good momentum – but is badly lacking in terms of vision and proactive approach. Sandwiched between PPP and PNC (oops APNU),Cheap Nike Huarache Shoes, the AFC can only try to remain relevant as the PPP and PNC/APNU tries to set it up.Unfortunately, it sees itself in the adopt-a-protest mode and may be in danger of digging its own grave of immaturity.It is a sad fact that the political leaders (PPP,Cheap Jerseys From China, PNC, AFC) of tomorrow may have no tomorrow left in them. Granger,Nike Air Max 95 For Sale, Bharrat, Moses.  One can see the PPP allowing itself to have Bharrat oppose Moses, but,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, Moses needs to realize that he looks at AFC’s new leader every time he looks at Hughes. One can accept that Granger is needed at the present time. But, none of the current leaders give us hope.The recycling of the used and abused will continue to haunt us. This is almost laughable, yet an indictment on Guyana’s future.Until the future leaders are introduced, we will continue to live in the past.

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